in person

passionate – the one quality everyone agrees on

focused – once in something will gnaw at it until finished

energetic – duracell is old hat, this one is powered by solar energy

mission driven – when the reason is strong enough the rest follows

caring – it must make a difference, it must matter

Mark studied exercise science to PhD level (although never finished it!) and takes a very analytical approach to things (sometimes to a fault my better half would say…)

Mark is passionate person, frequently has a crusading tendency and is generous with his time. His formidable intellect and knowledge help solve real-world problems, both in personal situations and in his role as advisor in a number of companies. His passion is infectious and inspires people and companies to do things they didn’t think possible. An excellent communicator, he has an ability to take disparate ideas and weave them into a logical, understandable narrative that people can both understand and get behind. He is considered to be an outstanding teacher.